Checking in- 5:2 week 3

The results of my weekly Monday morning weigh in are in- Drum roll, please:

Current weight- 9st 5

Starting weight- 9st 5

Current loss… errm, well, nothing!… although I have lost half a lb from last week, so I’m happy enough

Anyhow- last week, I had a bit of a boob, in that I only managed 1 fast day- there was just too much other stuff going on, that rather inconveniently included food! Crawfish, barbeques, picnics and lots of other nice things. I did think about doing three fast days this week to make up for it, but I’ve decided just to put it down to experience and start afresh this week.

Pretty pleased that in spite of eating A LOT, I still managed to record a half a lb loss from last week (although my monster eating and non-fasting was also combined with a couple of miles of running on Saturday morning and a 6 mile bike ride on Sunday morning, so perhaps that helped to counteract any gain!)

I’m settling into a nice pattern with fast days at the moment (having one today) of having a boiled egg and some fruit for breakfast (120 calories), a salad for lunch with a low cal protein (prawns have been a revelation, although I have tuna today) (130 calories) and something that’s 200 calories for dinner (non specific!- so far I’ve been having fish or a small portion of chicken and vegetables, or veg and bean curry/stew).That comes in at around 450 cals, giving me 50 left over for a couple of cups of tea, or if I’ve been really frugal, a rich tea biscuit

Dinners have been a tricky one as I’m more than happy to eat the same lunch every day for months, but I like a bit of variety in the evenings- I’m going to make ratatouille this eve possibly with a tiny portion of rice, depending on how the counting goes.

So with two fasts this week, and no real reason to go particularly overboard on feast days, I’m crossing my fingers for another half lb loss this week!


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