Today I have… eaten an obscene amount of crawfish

Technically a ‘yesterday I have’- I was just far too full to contemplate sitting at the laptop yesterday when I got in!

Yesterday, I took a trip to some railway arches near Tower Bridge to eat some food- crawfish, to be precise, courtesy of Bea’s of Bloomsbury

Last year, our friends Gary and Molly went to this and said it was awesome fun, so when they said they’d be going again this year, a group of us tagged along. We turned up at the Maltby Street arches early, where Bea’s apparently do loads of fun stuff, like cinema screenings and the like (was disappointed to note that we’d missed the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening at the start of June) and were the first ones to arrive, so we got our pick of the seats- Not much to choose from to be honest- Long trestle tables covered in brown paper and benches, which you share with the other diners. All very rustic- there’s no cutlery, a big roll of blue catering paper for messy fingers and black sacks at the end of the table to put your shells in

Mark was biking home, with me on the back, so we limited ourselves to one beer each, from the Meantime brewery  just down the road in Greenwich and then switched to their rather yummy raspberry lemonade and after a few minutes of sitting, the food started- Trays of garlic bread and ridiculously hot crayfish, boiled with sausage (Molly reliably informed me it was kielbasa sausage- a pretty good approximation of the andouille sausage that would have traditionally been used in this sort of thing, but is nigh on impossible to get in the UK), potatoes, corn on the cob and celery, with a selection of sauces.

Crawfish are stupidly difficult to peel when they’re hot- I have the fingertip burns to prove it. They also have very little meat in them- it’s actually a lot of effort to get the head off, avoid the weird green stuff in the top half, peel the legs and shell out and remove the intestiney veiny bit, but we persevered and got through about six massive pots of the critters, plus a frankly obscene amount of garlic bread. Just when I thought I could eat no more, we were provided with chocolate brownies (they tasted like the brownie equivilent of snickers- absolutely freaking amazing, and strawberry icelollies. I’m not really a fan of strawberry flavoured things, so thinking they’d be like that, I said no and regretted it- It was more like a fresh strawberry smoothie, frozen on a stick- Absolutely delicious- I had a couple of bites of Marks and wished I’d had more, although I genuinely don’t think I would have been able to fit any more in without going bang- The ride home was uncomfortable to say the least!


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