DIY ice-cream sundae bar

DIY ice cream sundae bar

We had a massive barbeque for Mark’s birthday last week, to celebrate in style with all our friends.

Deciding to provide the meat/barbie fayre, we asked everyone to bring a side dish (which they did in spades) but we also decided to provide something sweet for afters. Not wanting to do something that would create too much work, an in an effort to please everyone from the kids we had attending and all of the adults, I plumped for the idea of putting a DIY sundae bar together.

Now, looking online, I can see that people go to a LOT of trouble with these things- personalised icecream pots, little labels for all the ingredients, a colour scheme- all that jazz, but that seemed a little bit too try-hardy for a party, so instead I went for putting a selection of sweets and bits into little, interesting shaped bowls and shaker pots, and displayed the whole lot on a wooden chopping board. I did decide to decant my shop-bought sauces into squeeezy bottles I had hanging around the house, as I decided it looked nicer, but if you don’t have squeezy bottles knocking about, don’t feel like you have to!

Here’s what we had:

-mini marshmallows, m&ms, smashed up malteasers, chocolate chips and mini fudge chunks (courtesy of Dr Oetker’s baking range), midget gems
-in the pourers- popping candy, chopped nuts and rainbow sprinkles
-Wafer sticks, strawberry and chocolate sauces

Then I just stuck a litre tub of cornish vanilla ice cream next to the chopping board and stuck a metal icecream scoop in for everyone to serve themselves.

I looked around the obvious places for short, squat cups to put the icecream in but to no avail, with the exception of tescos, whose ‘treat tubs’ were super-expensive, so we went for bog standard drink cups, which were a bit taller than I wanted originally but the spoon still reached the bottom, which was all that mattered, right?! I went for cups with a star print on, but fill your boots- use what you have!

I’d say go to the effort to make it look nice- use collections of pretty bowls or cups and some nice teaspoons for scooping your various decorations, but this is proof that you don’t have to spend loads of money, or loads of time faffing around sticking labels on sticks!- I thought it looked pretty effective, and everybody loved it!


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