Lazy monday- Day off pie


Courtesy of Mark’s birthday, we had something of a busy weekend- Met friends for drinks on Friday, had a massive barbeque for 30-odd mates in the back garden on Saturday and cooked lunch for our respective families on Sunday. Consequently, by the time Monday came around we were both extremely glad that we’d decided to take an extra day off work.

We had SO much food left over from the weekend (we provided the meat for the barbie and asked everyone to bring a side, which resulted in an absolutely heaving table) and Mark had picked up his new motorbike on the Saturday, so we decided to give it a bit of a spin down to the coast (well, I say the coast, I mean the Thames Estuary!) with a little picnic.

The pros of the new bike (I won’t tell you what it is, because I have no idea!)- It has storage space! So I slung on the ruck sack with our flip flops and the picnic blanket and we packed up some chicken legs, potato salad, hummus and breadsticks, chocolate crispie cakes (which melted before they got eaten!) and lemonade and took ourselves off to Thorpe Bay, which is at the quieter end of South End. Getting your boots back on when your feet are all sandy is pretty depressing, so we sat on the grass opposite the beach,  with the backs of the beach huts both spoiling the view and making it all the better. Here’s a shot of our feet and helmets though!

How much nicer is life, now we have beautiful weather? I’d say something in the regions of 2000%


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