We-wednesday feastings

In my ongoing week-long roundup of how I’m attempting not to scupper myself by going mental on 5:2 feast days, here’s my Wednesday:

For some reason, my body is out to sabotage me- I’m actually reasonably fine on fast days, but on feast days, I’m ravenous literally the whole day- Today has been no different, and I’m wondering if it might be worth not eating my breakfast at home any more, and bringing it to work with me, so I eat an hour and a half later than I would usually? Might be worth a punt anyway.

So far, today’s eatings aren’t too dissimilar to yesterday, save for the fact that I misread the dreemy bar packet and they’re actually 70 calories a piece, not 90, so that’s a nice surprise. In full:

Breakfast- fruit and fibre with semi skimmed milk- 250 calories

Lunch- as yesterday- big old smoked haddock and potato salad with mustardy dressing- 300 calories

Snacks- 1 piece of turkish delight- 40 calories (all gone now- booo), 1 dreemy- 70 calories, small bunch of grapes- 50 calories

Dinner- not sure yet as I’m returning to the mothership for dins tonight, so I’ll have to report back, but I hope it’s substantial as I’m bloody starving!

Total so far: 710– going to take some kind of lard injection to blow the budget today, hoorah!

On a side note, I did indeed try out my new running machine yesterday- there was something vaguely satisfying about running in the comfort of the garage, while watching an episode of ER, but I don’t think it’ll replace pounding the streets permanently. Plus, the machine’s stuck on an incline, which means the whole run was up-hill, and thus even more knackering than it was meant to be!

End of day update

(Just to add my dinner on and give an official calorie count):
Chicken and mushroom pie- 410 calories (oops!)
Small portion of new potatoes with butter- 225 calories
Broccoli- 40 calories
Sweetcorn- 80 calories
2 scoops phish food ice cream- 230 calories
Total- 985 calories- wow- more than the rest of the day put together!

Grand total- 1695
Phew- still inside my anticipated amount of 1800 calories, but shows how easy it is to blow it with one pie-based dinner- If I’d had any more snacks or a less healthy breakfast, I would have been well over!


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