An attempt to not scupper the 5:2- Feast day


As you may know from my previous post, I accidentally managed to screw up my first week of the 5:2 diet, resulting in putting on a lb, rather than losing any weight!

I’m hoping it’s due to some overzealous feast days, so this week, I’m trying to be a bit more careful- and so, I’m going, for one week only, to vaguely record my feast days just to make sure I’m not going off piste.

A caveat- It’s Mr Mark’s birthday on Saturday and we’re having a barbeque. Then our respective families are coming over for dinner on Sunday, so I’m not going to be trying too hard at the weekend, but I’m going to have a count up during the week at least and see how we go.

I have been freaking starving today- Infinitely hungrier than I was at any point yesterday (fast day), which is very annoying. Here’s the plan for the day:

Breakfast- fruit and fibre cereal with semi skimmed milk- 250 calories

Lunch-  adapted from a good food magazine recipe (it’s this month’s edition, so not online yet)- Smoked trout (I used haddock- where on earth do you get smoked trout from- I couldn’t find it!), runner bean and new potato salad, with mustardy dressing. I added a few extra salad veggies so I’m going to record this as 300 calories

Snacks- Aldi Dreemy bar- a teeny weeny bite-size milky way- 90 calories; small handfull of cashews-  130 calories; three pieces of turkish delight (thanks boss who’s been on holiday!)- 120 calories= total of 340 calories

Expected dinner- large jacket potato with tuna mayo and cheese and butter (from costco- gotta go pick up meat for the aforementioned barbie!)- probably in the regions of 600 calories- I’m not kidding myself here!

Drinks- 2 cups of tea with a splash of milk- 20 calories

TOTAL- 1510 calories

Cool! That’s not so bad- my estimated daily calorie expenditure is around the 1800 mark (If I mark myself as ‘lightly active’- It’s 1550-odd if I’m being lazy, so I suppose that means I better go for a run before costco… woohoo- might go for an extra piece of turkish delight!


Yep… that’s done- total calories- 1550


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