5:2 – One week in

On my third fast day of the 5:2. Friday (fast day number two) was a load harder than the first one but I’ve no idea why- I ate pretty much the same thing (different dinner, but I was utterly ravenous by the time it got to dinner, so it didn’t even make a dent) and I feel that I must report my rather dissappointing weight loss for week 1-

I always weigh in first thing on a monday morning, so decided to stick to that, rather than weighing in after one of my fast days, which might have given a better (if more inaccurate) picture of the state of play, and oh dear, mega oops:

Starting weight- 9 st 5lb

Current weight- 9 st 6lb

Oh yes- I put on a pound in the first week. Oops and oops again! I can only assume that I fell into the trap (which I was insistent that I wouldn’t fall foul of) and ate more than I would normally on my feast days, so consequently, I’m going to not let myself go mental this week, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have to start calorie counting on the other five days of the week. Not giving in just yet thought!

It’s 1.30 now and I’ve just stopped for lunch, which isn’t bad going- On a usual day, I get hungry by 12.30 but I’ve managed to hold out for a fair while longer, thanks to a combination of being busy, and having a strategic cup of tea at midday. The afternoon isn’t looking any quieter, so fingers crossed I should be ok til dinner!

The day’s food:

Breakfast- 1 medium boiled egg, small bunch of grapes- 121 caloriesLunch- prawn salad- mainly salady bits, with 100g of small prawns, two tablespoons of low fat mayo and a sprinkle of paprika- 140 calories
Dinner- the super duper butternut squash curry- Made extra last week, so I just need to zap it tonight- 200 calories

Total so far- 461 calories

UPDATE- Have just agreed to partake in a bit of cinema action tonight- Man of Steel, oh yes! As it’ll be nigh on impossible to go to the flicks without a snack, I had a look for some healthy ones, and how lucky is this- air-popped corn is only 30 calories a cup (no idea how much you’d get in a cup- I’ll have to investigate, but still- hoorah!) That gives me a few calories left to take into account the cups of tea I had earlier, and I’ll sprinkle the popcorn with chilli flakes and a squirt of spray oil which I reckon will put me ever so slightly over my limit, but only by about 5 calories- what’s that between friends, eh?

An even later UPDATE- Got home and found out I must’ve thrown away the popping corn, which at the time was a bit boo, but on the plus side, I just  sucked on the icecubes and had an occasional slurp of  Mark’s diet coke and all was well in the world, so including my two cups of tea, I think I came in at under 500!


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