Hangover cures

Now, far be it from me to condone drinking one too many and ending up more than a little fuzzy headed, I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another (save for those rare individuals who have never had a drink)- On the whole, I tend to pretend my way out of a hangover- ‘what, me? A bit merry last night? oohh no- I wasn’t drunk at all- look, I don’t even have a hangover’, before bustling off to fold some washing or something equally non-strenuous, which gives the impression that you’re hard at work while doing very little (try it, you’d be surprised how much better it makes you feel), occasionally there are nights where you do just go that little bit far, and nothing but sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket, watching rubbish on the TV will make you feel better.

I personally, in these situations, am a muncher- I have friends who can’t face eating a thing on a hangover, but I tend to go more in the direction of eating everything- Here are my top picks!

1- McDonalds in all its glory. My first job, while I was still in VI form, was working in McDonalds, and I spent many a friday night drinking gut rotting beer in dirty nightclubs, followed by many a hung over Saturday trying not to puke over the customers. Consequently, in some kind of weird pavlovian response, when hung over, a maccas WILL sort me out. Doesn’t matter which burger- Any will do. And on the rare occasion that food isn’t doing it for me, a full fat coke will do the trick- It’s just not the same from a can or a bottle

2. The turkey breast and al fresco salad sandwich. Another throwback from my youth, and a favourite of my then boyfriend, now husband (who incidentally also worked in McDonalds with me- ah the romance). I suppose in contrast to the unhealthy nature of the majority of our hangover meals, a turkey and salad sandwich seemed positively saintly- It HAS to be al fresco salad because it doesn’t work otherwise, OK- something about the crunchy but sweetness of the peppers and carrots which makes it comforting but reasonably virtuous and the turkey has to be good for protein, right?

3. Sorry, but the al fresco salad sandwich is going to be the closest I get to something resembling a healthy option! Next up, breakfast in a tin. Oh lord, I have some really hideous hangover habits, don’t I! Now this harks back to my festival-going years- days at the Reading festival drinking beer in a field in the sunshine, followed by a night of drinking in a freezing cold field, followed by not being able to afford to fork out a tenner for a bacon sandwich, so breakfast in a tin, eaten cold if particularly lazy, or hot if can be bothered to find the camping stove is my ultimate festival breakfast (which also finds its way into my non-festival, home-based hangover repertoire. To give you the full rundown, it’s baked beans, sausage, some bacon slice things, mushrooms and these weird reformed egg and bacon ball thingys that are a bit like scotch eggs. Equally brilliant in different measures is the HP Full Monty- Same thing, but in a red tin and with the delicious addition of potato cubes for the all important carbs

4. Dirty lasagne from Aldi. Sadly, the horsemeat scandal has put the mockers on this as I’m too scared to buy it, let alone eat it. Back in the glory days though, me and Mark used to buy one and share it, in spite of the fact it’s meant to serve about 4 people!



5. Cheese on toast- Probably the closest I’ll get to hang over food preparation- slicing cheese and keeping a careful eye out so the whole shebang doesn’t burn under the grill. Thankfully, Mark makes the best cheese on toast known to man (something about the addition of worcester source) and so I can generally just whimper loudly from the sofa until he makes it for me :D. This should be accompanied with orange squash, to replace lost sugars.

Wow- not one single solitary vegetable, with the exception of lettuce… and tinned mushrooms! As a minor disclaimer, I should point out at this juncture that I’m not condoning going out and getting smashed, but lets face it, it’s happened to the best of us at one point or the other!


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