Today I have… Visited the Tower of London

Well, techinically it was yesterday, but still! My uncle had managed to get hold of some free corporate tickets for the Tower of London and passed them around to various family members, so me and mum decided to take time out from our usual Saturday schedule of lunch and shopping to go be tourists for the day.

We saw the crown jewels (you can’t take pictures, and you have to ride past the crowns on a conveyor belt, so you don’t really get much time to stop!), watched some drummers drumming, found a massive raven (really didn’t realise they were that big) and I’ve learned a little more about the history of the English monarchy- Educational! There was a bajillion cannons fired across the Thames too- Happily we were up on the castle walls by then, so got to have a good look at them- Think it was something to do with the Queen’s birthday. I’ve been reading the Game of Thrones books too, so seeing the suits of armour in the flesh was pretty handy for finding out exactly what gorgets and brigadines looked like!

My main tourist thing that I wanted to do was get a picture taken with a beefeater- Had planned to do it on the way out, but towards the end of the afternoon the heavens opened and the beefeaters all disappeared so I didn’t get to do that, but other than a brief monsoon, we had a marvelous day- In fact we’ve decided to do more touristy stuff. It’s very much the case that we live so close to London, but never bother going to see the museums and tourist attractions, or at least haven’t done for years and years, so that’s definitely going to be remedied.

Oh, and we did manage to get a bit of the traditional saturday shopping in too- A quick trip to Roomes (the local department store) to pick up a few bits for my conference next week. I’m off to sunny Nottingham- and now I’m off to Nottingham with a new skirt, dress and top- Hoorah!


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