My bank holiday weekend

Can’t believe it’s nearly half 8 on bank holiday Monday already- how unfair! On the plus side, as well as the extended weekend, I’m also off to Portugal with the in-laws on Thursday, so I can’t really complain too much- two days of going mental in the office and I’ll be on a plane again!

I’ve had a pretty varied weekend, with just one difference to my usual in that I haven’t gone out on a massive drink-up, and so have got loads of stuff done.

Friday- I went to Westfield at Stratford and had a bit of a mooch round, to wait for Mark- Didn’t actually buy anything, just picked up some shoes that my mum has bought me for my birthday. When Mark arrived, we went for some food at the Real Greek, to use up some voucher that we’d got for Christmas. We had a souvlaki platter was yum and huge- We ordered flatbread and hummous too, but didn’t really need it. Then we went to Tap East for a final drink. While it was a bit weird having a drink in a shopping centre, it’s well worth a look in if you’re a fan of real ales and happen to be in the area.

Saturday- Promising Mark I’d be back in time to help paint the bedroom wall, I headed to my mum’s for lunch and a bit of food shopping in Marks and Sparks. Maximum husband points awarded to Mark- by the time I got back, he’d painted the wall already! The evening was a meal at Joy Fook in Brentwood for Mark’s sister, Marie’s birthday. It’s an all you can eat Chinese buffet and disco thingy. Food was alright, I suppose- there was plenty of it, and lets be honest, it’s quite hard to screw up Chinese food- it always tastes the same no matter where you order it from. It was pretty busy though, so I seemed to spend quite a lot of time hanging about waiting for them to replenish the crispy duck and sesame prawn toasts, along with everyone else in the restaurant, which meant you had to go for the elbows out and start pushing approach to getting dinner. It’s a bit in the middle of nowhere, so I drove, hence half a glass of prosecco, hence, no hang over.

Sunday- I invited myself along to a boot sale that Marie and the mother in law were going to, in hope of buying some random tat. I’ve been to a couple of boot sales before, as a seller, and it’s always been a little bit too much like hard work, but walking round one was much more fun- If I’d been on my own, I’d probably have spent AGES longer looking at old records and books, but as it was, I picked up a rather cool mirror for a bargainous £4. Then it was off to my mum’s for the rest of the day.

My sister and I were born on the same day, but two years apart and it’s our birthday on Thursday. I, as you’ll note above, will be flying to Portugal on Thursday, and mum is off to Sorrento on Tuesday, and so we went round for what turned into basically a massive eating-fest, plus a very nice afternoon sitting in the sunshine in her back garden with a few drinks

Sunday- Up early and straight to the shops. We picked up a few bits at Ikea, so we could finally finally finish off our bedroom, and got a cheapo desk for the box room, so Mark can work up there. Then it was home to do something I’ve been trying to put off for months- Move furniture. Oh it was painful! We had to move two wardrobes from the back bedroom to the summer house at the bottom of the garden, and the two ‘robes in the box room to the back bedroom. It took about five hours, I have extremely bruised knees and the paintwork on most of the door frames in the house has been severely knackered, but at least it’s done, and it does look much better. Plus the boy wonder gets to have a guitar room now, and I’ve claimed the other bedroom as a sort of dressing room slash boudoir, so I’m looking forward to decorating that. Mark’s just finished putting up some pictures in our bedroom and now it’s time to watch some Graham Norton from Friday (everyone’s been talking about it!) and eat some lovely lovely angel delight


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