Finally finished bedroom decorating

When we moved into our house back in November last year, the first room we decided to do was our bedroom. Here’s a half-room before shot:


So, what you can see here- delightful early 90s fitted wardrobes (slightly yellowing), with inbuilt vanity unit and some fetching pink shimmer striped wallpaper. What you can’t see- The hideous artex coming down to picture rail height, green carpet, dark wood window frames and random wires poking through the walls. Wish I’d taken more before photos now- It’s all becoming a distant memory already!

On the second day of living in the house, I got out of bed and eww, eergh, my feet were wet. The radiator was leaking and it seem that it had been for a fair while as the carpet was rotten and pretty stinky, so we de-camped to the back bedroom. Luckily, we’d unpacked all our clothes into our old wardrobes in the box room, so there was only the bed to be moved, and as we’d invited people to stay with us at new year, we had about a month and a bit to get everything liveable. Which turned out to not be very long!

After knocking out the wardrobes and taking them to the dump, we started stripping wallpaper in earnest and decided to get a plasterer in to deal with the artexy ceiling and to skim the woefully knackered walls. Our plasterer was recommended to us by my brother in law, but he couldn’t start work for another two weeks. In the meantime we went out and found a carpet, but what with it coming up to Christmas, they were ridiculously busy too, so we had no choice but to take the only time slot we could, which was four days after the plasterer was due to finish! That threw things woefully out of order- I’m sure it would have been easier to do all the prep, then the plastering, then the painting, then get the carpet down, but fates conspired against us, which meant being VERY careful with dust sheets and using about 18 rolls of masking tape so we didn’t ruin the new beige carpet with white gloss.

The woodwork was pretty hellish too- I have a thing against brown window frames, and really wanted to paint out the dark varnished wooden frames with white, which turned out to be a total ball ache- We bought a little sander, which made things a bit easier, but still- Lots of sanding, undercoat and two lots of white gloss on a five-window bay took fricking ages- We were up at 7 o clock on Christmas eve morning painting!

Anyhow, the intention was that our colour scheme would be white, beige and navy blue, and just in the nick of time for new year, we got our new white wardrobes, chest of drawers and shoe cabinet up (Ikea- our old favourite!), hung floor length navy blue curtains, and painted all the wood work white and the walls beige. All except one last wall- We looked and looked for some cool navy blue feature wallpaper but just couldn’t find anything that we fancied, so resorted, a whacking 5 months later, to painting the final wall the same colour as the rest of them, and hung our bed side shelves, which had been sitting behind a wardrobe since December! We finished off the bedside shelves by hanging magazine racks underneath them, with the dual purpose of hiding the plugs and wires, and giving a bit of space to put a book.

The final flourish was to find something cool for the wall behind the bed, to jazz it up a bit- When we were in San Francisco for a bit of a holiday, I found some really nice vintage style prints, with quite a bit of navy blue in then, so I bought a calendar of loads of different ones and chucked them in Ikea frames- I think it finishes it off pretty well!

new bedroom pics

new bedroom pics


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