The imperfect housewife

Just been reading back over my posts from the last couple of weeks about how I really must stop procrastinating and I’m pleased to say I think I may have turned a minor corner (for the time being at least!)

I’ve been making an effort not to slack off quite so much as I had been doing in the past six months and while I don’t think I’ve found a magic formula, it seems to be working-

Step 1- Set the alarm 5 minutes earlier and actually get up
I had a horrible habit of rolling into work 2 minutes late- yes, 2 minutes late isn’t really much but I’m sure it was enough for everyone to notice. I’d convinced myself for months that I could get up and leave the house at the same time as when we lived in our flat, except the flat was 5 minutes closer to the station than we are now and I wasn’t at the mercies of the busses.

Step 2- Take regular breaks
Rather than doing a bit of work, interspersed with aimlessly wandering around the internet, I’ve made a return to my school days- Break time for the win! I’ve been having 20 minute breaks at 11 and 3, plus my lunch hour. I know what you’re thinking- How can you justify taking massive breaks as a way of getting more work done? But it really works! No more bimbling about thinking oohh…what shall I do next, oh rather than that spreadsheet, I’ll just have a look at facebook. And buzzfeed… and see what the weather’s like in Belgrade- I probably spent a good two hours of my work day looking around random websites before, so this is a definite improvement.

Step 3- Don’t sit down when you come in from work
The killer! As soon as I came in from work, I’d just sit on the sofa and…yes, look at more random crap on the internet. I’m excellent in a pub quiz because of all this mindless meandering, but that’s about it! So now I’ve made a little list of things that need to be done every day that I’m in for the evening- Namely:
-Load or unload the dishwasher
-Get washing in and out of the washing machine/tumble drier/washing line. Fold up and put away stuff that doesn’t need ironing
-Pick up any random crap laying around (one of my massive downfalls- I leave a trail of wanton destruction in my wake wherever I go)
-Wipe the worktops in the kitchen and sweep the crumby floor
-Do half an hour of ironing

Excluding the ironing, the whole thing takes about 15 minutes, Then I am allowed to piddle about online!

If you’re looking to this list for inspiration I’d definitely add on ‘make the bed’- That’s actually one thing that I do, without fail, every morning, after it’s had a bit of an airing while I’m in the shower. Really easy- just flick back the duvet, get showered, come back, flick duvet back, pluff up pillows, replace girly, decorative cushions, DONE. This is some kind of weird hang-over from being in the Brownies- there was a page in the brownie guide handbook that said that an untidy bed means an untidy room. In spite of having the untidy room, my bed was always immaculate

In addition to the easy daily stuff, we’re re-instigating what we term ‘9 o clock club’- One day a week, we get in from work, and  spend until 9 o clock doing all the big cleaning, like the kitchen, bathroom, changing bedclothes, dusting and hoovering. To those of you who clean your toilet more than once a week, you probably need to get a hobby or something.

Step 4- Make a massive list
I love a list, so this wasn’t too painful-  I’ve just written a long list of everything that needs doing in it and I’m going to aim to do at least one thing off of the list each week (so’s Mark, although he doesn’t know it yet!)- Will report back on whether this comes to fruition!!

So all’s well, I’m pleased to announce, in my quest for perfection- I sense that the next stage of my quest, now I’ve stopped procrastinating quite so much will be to wean myself off of mindless internet surfing- I could probably get a masters or learn a foreign language if I spent the same amount of time doing that that I do online


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