Perfect Gem Quest…still not procrastinating

So I’ve spent the last few days thinking consciously about the amount of time I spend fannying around. Sunday, as you’ll read from my previous post, was a good day. Monday, however, was a little bit rubbish. I got up late, I mucked about on the internet for the majority of the working day, came home with good intentions to do the ironing, and instead did bugger all except sit on the sofa watching Marple until bedtime. When I felt thoroughly unfulfilled and had a rubbish night’s sleep because of it.

Today, I got up with better intentions. Got out of bed on time, got to work 5 minutes early, rather than 5 minutes late, worked reasonably hard all day (with two 20 minute breaks for internet-based mucking about- can’t be saintly all the time) and have come home, cooked a proper dinner (using herbs from the herb pot in the garden), done some ironing and have an hour ’til I go out again to do step aerobics (yes, it is still 1992 in my world). So score one there, but it’s made me think about some of my worst habits- Ones that actually make life more difficult than it needs to be, such as:

-Putting things off- Literally anything- Rubbish stuff like washing up and cleaning things to good things like booking a table for dinner for next week. I said I’d do that two days ago and I still haven’t. I can understand why I put off rubbish things, but nice stuff like that- No idea why

-Not putting things away- So bad at this- I leave things where they fall, which is dumb in the long run, because it takes longer to tidy up when I do get round to it. My new years resolution was to put my shoes away when I come home. Have I succeeded? Errr, no- There’s three pairs in the hall right now. This also extends to not folding stuff when it comes out of the tumble drier- I know there’s so much that I could just fold up and put away, but instead it stays screwed up in a pile for weeks and then needs ironing- Double the work, right?

-Being easily distracted- At work, I’ll stop every five minutes to look at facebook, read blogs, surf around buzzfeed aimlessly, which is a total sod for my productivity. Don’t get me wrong, I’m good at my job and I work very hard when I am working, but I sometimes wonder how much I’d be able to accomplish if I could concentrate properly for more than 10 minutes at a stretch!

My other worst habits are the ones that are just gross- Namely thinking I can go an extra day without washing my hair, not taking my makeup off before I go to bed, not changing my (makeup stained) bed linen often enough (If I’m being brutally honest, I’m talking once a month…but only on a good month- we’ve gone longer! Ewwww! Oh, and wearing knackered clothes- Busted up shoes, trousers with the hems coming down, cardis with holes in. So basically, I think in spite of being in my 30s now, I’m still living like some kind of gross teenager- Definitely need to work a bit harder on that, because I don’t think anyone can be taken seriously if they look a mess- First world problems or what!

Actually, now I think about it, the worst of my problems are my inherent teenage-ness- I’m messy, argumentative, easily distracted by technology and loud noises and never know when to shut up and take other peoples’ advice!

Anyway, enough whimpering at how rubbish I am as a person- If I come up with any good ways to remedy it, I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, I’m going to attempt to start acting like a responsible adult and go and put my shoes in the wardrobe


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