Perfect Gem Quest- Don’t procrastinate!

As I was saying in my previous post, I’m on a bit of a self improvement mission at the moment- Today is Sunday, and I’ve had what I will deem ‘a productive day’. So many Sundays whizz past with good intentions to do a million jobs that are just hanging around feeling sorry for themselves, and instead, I have a tendency to say ‘oh we’ve worked so hard this week, why don’t we just hang out today and do x, y and z tomorrow’.  In fact, it’s not just Sunday, every day of the week, I’ll find a reason to put of doing things I should be doing, and during the day, I’ve got into a horrible habit of putting off things I should be doing at work out of sheer laziness.

So, today, I got a few things ticked off my list-

-Re-potted my tomatoes… oh my poor old tomatoes are in a crap old state, and I’m not expecting them to grow, into anything resembling food, but but I thought I owed it to them to give it a go, so I bought some pots
-Weeded stuff- The garden’s gone a bit mental, so while Mark mowed the lawn IN THE RAIN, I joined him with pulling up brambles and a ridiculous amount of mint IN THE RAIN. Well done me.
-Painted the bedroom wall. Just before Christmas, we decorated the vast majority of the bedroom, but could never find wallpaper that we liked. We did, however, have paint, so, five months later, we painted the final wall the same colour as the rest of them. OK, so it’s not exactly what we wanted, but I think with some pictures up, it’ll look great.

And we also went to the supermarket, had lunch with Mark’s nan, sister and brother-in-law, stripped the bed (one of my chief lazy points is not changing the bed covers anywhere near as often as I should do!) AND I went for a run- My first run (not counting the gym in San Francisco) in 6 months- Really rather pleased with myself.

It’s 9 o clock now, so I think I’m done for the evening, although we do need to go up and clear up the painting debris and remake the bed but I don’t think that’s half bad for one day.

So… the big question, has procrastinating less made my life any better? Well, in a way, yes- I’m feeling rather pleased with myself to be honest- I could have stayed on the sofa and done nothing, but I have Got Things Done! Granted, one day of busy-ness does not an ex-procrastinator make, and indeed the toilet is gross, the ironing pile is teetering over and I probably should have mopped the kitchen floor after I walked grass all over it, but one day at a time, right


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