Fooodie Penpals

Last month I stumbled across an interesting initiative on Carol Anne Grady’s blog This is Rock Salt

Namely foodie penpals- Basically, you sign up, get paired up with a pen pal, to whom you have to send a box of foodie delights. In turn, someone else sends you a box of nice stuff. Think of it as a culinary chain letter.

Lots of the people on the lists have blogs, and the idea is that you post up about the contents of the box you receive on your blog, although neither my sender or receiver had a blog, so I guess there are plenty of people who don’t, so don’t let that put you off.

I sent over to my penpal a box including Tiptree jam (made just up the road from me), a hot chocolate stirrer, some home made cake decorations, harrisa (because I’m using it loads at the moment), plus a recipe for harrisa chicken, and some habas fritas- deep fried broad beans. Om nom nom

My foodie penpal, Vicki, unfortunately, emailed me to say she’d sent my box the day that I was leaving for San Francisco- stupid of me not to mention it but anyhow, she said there was something fresh in there that might not be in the best nick by the time I returned but wouldn’t ruin anything else, so I decided to take my chances! Finally, a week and a bit later, when I returned from SF I got over to the post office to pick up my parcel and wit woo- it was brilliant!


From the left of the picture-
-Glastonbury cheddar (thankfully the box had been in a cool place at the post office, so this was absolutely fine, if a wee bit sweaty)- I am an absolute cheese beast. My hen party was a cheese and wine tasting night and I love cheese in all its varied and brilliant forms. Massive tick
-Cranberry and blood orange fruit tea. I must admit, there aren’t that many fruit teas that I drink, but Vicki assures me that she drinks this by the gallon, so I’m more than willing to give it a go!
-Bath cakes- to go with the cheese (two local choices, by the way, as Vicki is from Somerset)
-In the bag- the fresh element- Wild garlic, picked from the river near Vicki’s house- HOW COOL IS THAT?! It’s a tiny bit worse for wear, what with being a week old, but I think I’m going to be able to salvage some of it- a bit of a plunge in iced water should bring it up fine I think- Then I can try the wild garlic pesto recipe that was included in the parcel!
-Orange dark chocolate. Say no more. Literally. I’ve already started eating it
-In the jar- Dukkah- Now, I’ve heard of Dukkah, but never tried it, so muchly looking forward to that- It’s a middle eastern dip- Vicki says to dip bread in olive oil and dip it in the crumbs, or use it as a seasoning

Blatantly going to crack open a bottle of wine and have some cheese and Bath biscuits shortly! What a great introduction to foodie penpals. I’m not going to be doing it next month, as we’re away again (jet set lifestyle or what!) but I’ll definitely be signing up again

Thanks Vicki, if you’re reading this!


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