SF day 4 and 5

Friday was my last ‘alone’ day in San Francisco. Mark finished up in the office today, so I spent Friday walking between all the piers, of which there are loads!

I started with a trip through China Town, saw some cool SF prints I want to go back for, skirted a bit of an Italian area (Nob Hill I think) and cruised downhill to Pier 39- a little bit of a tourist trap, its where the sealions come and hang put, so I spent a bit of time watching them (giant slugs they looked like), read a bit of book, then mooched back to the market at theferry building (pier zero, I suppose), where I queued for 30 minutes for a sandwich-a very nice sandwich, but $9 and a half an hour wait for a sandwich did seem a bit steep- think its something of a SF trademark- they do love their food and nobody minds waiting!

I rounded off the day by meeting Mark and going to the baseball! My first American sport experience, aside from the garlic fries, which were awesome, it was a bit… long… Three hours and counting! We left at the middle of the 8th innings, when only one point had been scored, although we did miss another point on the way out. Still, two points in three hours was a bit blah in my eyes- most of the time the players didnt even hit the ball! On the plus side, we got to see Metallica play the national anthem, and they brought all their kids out to sing take me out to the ball game, which was quite cute. And garlic fries!!

On Saturday, we went for breakfast at Dotties– did the obligatory queue (45 minutes) but it was worth it- I had scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and the yummiest toast- think it was cornmeal. Mark had pancakes and bacon, huge, plate-sized pancakes! Ooh, I’m wearing my new dress too- you still can’t see the back of it, so you’ll just have to believe me that it’s very pretty. The lady I bought the tickets to Alcatraz from commented on it and everything :)

Then we did basically the same route I did the day before, because I thought it was cool, (picked up my prints- actually, I picked up a calendar in the end, and Im going to chop it up, because it was cheaper than buying the individual prints).

We found this really cool end-of-pier type amusements arcade, with loads of vintage slot machines

Stopped for a drink on a very windy pier 39 and another couple at pier 23, rounded that off with free wine at the hotel, and after that, we were good for nothing except a takeout pizza in the hotel room!


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