San Francisco, day three

Welcome to day three of my san francisco holiday!

Mark has his last day in the office today, and we’ll really get to seeing some sights over the weekend- I’ve mostly been just mooching around in the daytime and finding nice spots to read my book in, which has been total bliss! And I’ve made use of the hotel gym twice- very proud of myself, as I’ve been a total lazybones since we moved into the house, in *cough* November, although my thighs are screaming now- its quite had to get up and downstairs!

Anyway, my week in a nutshell-

Tuesday- finally landed, after my epic, tv-less 11 hour flight at about half 3 in the afternoon. Following some queueing-based fails at passport control (never change queues- it always results in tragedy), I finally got out of the airport an HOUR AND A HALF later! Sucessfully got on the right BART (the SF tube type thing), met Mark and went to the hotel. I arrived just in time for out hotel’s free wine hour- oh yes, free wine! So had a quick glass of cab sauv, dropped my bag off and popped out to get some food. We only wanted something quick, so went to a diner- a proper scruffed up kinda place- this one in fact.i had a ridiculously large portion of macaroni cheese, then it was straight back to the hotel to fall into a carb-based coma

Wednesday- vaguely jet lagged, we both woke up at 6am, so got up and went round the corner for another oversized meal- Mine was basically a sausage and egg mcmuffin, but between toast instead of muffins. Packed Mark off to work, went to the gym, met mark for lunch (another MASSIVE sandwich) and then I took myself to Union Square, for a look around the shops and had a nice hour reading my book on the grass on the square. After Mark finished work , I met him for a drink at the Old Ship Saloon. We sat at the bar, drank beer and ate quesedillas- I felt a bit like I was in a Californian version of Cheers

Thursday- packed Mark off to work, did another stint in the gym, and mooched out to the docks for some more sitting- luckily, we have had superb weather so I fully took advantage of some more book reading time, while eating mango sorbet, as the song goes, watchin’ the tide roll away. The ferry building has some super duper food shops, so I had a good poke around there, and then back to the hotel. Mark was going for a drink with work colleagues, and while I was more than welcome to go, I thought it’d be nicer if he didn’t feel like he had to take care of me, so I stayed in and watched Game of Thrones!

That brings us to today- Have just spoken to my mum, sister and nephew on facetime, and am then planning on doing another mooch down to the docks- I hear there is a place where sealions come and sit on the rocks, so going to go do some animal watching! This evening, we are off to the baseball. Honestly, I’m not too fussed about the baseball, but we found put that theres a special night tonight,where Metallica are singing the national anthem, and being big Metallica fans, we felt like we couldn’t miss out, so bought some tickets way up in the nosebleeds from a site called stubhub- think its a bit like seatwave in the UK. Will report back tomorrow on how it was!


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