From the plane

Yes, I am literally writing this from the plane. Granted, I can’t actually post it yet, due to lack of internet, but the thought is there.

Mark skype messaged me yesterday to let me know he had arrived safely and was at the office. He mentioned that he’d had a bit of a poo flight as his tv hadn’t been working and although he said he was happy enough because he’d been plied with beer and given a dvd player to make up for it, I was still a little bit indignant on his behalf- we’d chosen to fly with virgin thinking it would be vaguely reputable even though it wasn’t the cheapest flights, so I thought he’d taken it a bit too well!

Fast forward 48 hours, and after battling through some stupid amounts of m25 traffic, parking my car in what can only be described as a gasworks (hope it’s still there when I get back- can’t believe it cost me thirty quid!)and inevitably getting stuck in the slow queue for security- the x ray machine just stopped working for 5 minutes, and then they were frisking literally everyone!- here I am 6 hours into my flight, and my tv has worked for a sum total of 35 minutes! Keep asking if they can try rebooting it but so far nada. Luckily, I dithered in WH Smiths and bought two magazines and the logic problems book, and I have game of thrones to read on the kindle AND candy crush appears to be working, but I must admit, I am getting a teeny bit bored now…. Although, like my dear hubby, I am also being very nice about it!

Think the air hostesses will be bringing more food round in a sec, because they were microwaving something when I went to get a drink- have already had dinner (some weird beef casserole thing), dessert (lemon gu pot… A surprising bum note for the gu range, unfortunately- it tasted a bit curdled!) a rock-solid mini milk (which I think was meant to be a movie snack…sigh)… If my flight food is the same as Marks, next will be some kind of sausage roll… And I know we get a little afternoon tea before we land- hoorah! Then it’ll be out into the sunshine, landing at 3.30 California time… About half 11 at night in the uk, so next on my agenda may well be another little nap. Time to sign off!


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