Off to frisco, to every kind of disco

Tomorrow, ladies and gentlemen, I will be taking another little trip to Heathrow. Another, you say? Yep- yesterday I dropped Mark off, tomorrow its my turn! Why? I hear you cry… Well, at the start of the year, Mark put in a proposal to do a week of work at his company’s San Francisco office, which duly got approved, but the only time he could really go was this week. I had loads of work on, but didn’t want to give up the opportunity of basically a half price holiday, so we decided to make the journey solo.

In the pre-holidy build up, I must admit I have been doing a bit of holiday shopping. When I was little, every holiday, my mum bought us new clothes ‘to go away with’… And a new toothbrush, book and puzzle book and I am entirely incapable of leting go of this tradition… New book will be purchased for the kindle, blatantly going to get logic problems for the plane,and I have gone a little bit guilt-makingly mad in the shops. I’ve justified this in the fact that this year I have spent about £50 on clothes. As well as some obvious essentials- leggings and a black blazer, I got some very cute leopard print ankle boots (go with it- they really are nice! And only cost 3 quid in primark!), wicked brown woven brogues… Bit of an indulgence from New Look, when the vast majority of my shoes a are primarni or nothing, but very comfy, and a lovely red tea dress with an open back- think I need a pic of it on, but I couldn’t be bothered to get undressed!

DSC04195 soon, honest!

I absolutely love journeys- an 11 hour flight isn’t daunting me in the least, so sorry, but you can expect me to be posting pictures of aeroplane food in due course! But for now, time to unload the dishwasher, empty the bins and get some shut-eye ready for a bit of an early start


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