2 years ago today…

I was getting married. Actually, to be specific, I had probably gotten married by now- Walked down the aisle to the beatles, listened to my friend Hannah cry her way through her reading, hugged a million people, got a little bit bored through the photos and listened to some marvellously heartwarming speeches- We’re probably almost up to first dance territory by now- In fact, now I think about it,  about this time two years ago, I was trying not to get annoyed at the toastmaster for setting up some ridiculously cheesy photos of us cutting the cake!

I realised the first picture I put on this blog was me and Mark on our wedding day, so in the interests of mixing it up a bit, here’s me and the bridesmaids on the big day- I was actually a little bit annoyed it was such a nice day in a way, because I only wore my fluffy shrug thing for about 10 minutes before I got too hot! (and apparently only half of us managed to actually look at the camera- well done my best friend Carly and cousin Courtney- not so good from me and my sister Lauren- must try harder next time!)
Anyhow, as much as I’m enjoying a bit of a wedding-based reminiscing, it’s a nice time to think back on the last year generally- Loads has changed actually- This time last year, we were still living in our flat- since then, we moved twice, the second time being to our brilliant new house; we saved like the absolute clappers for the last year; we had an absolute ball-ache of a time trying to throw out a tenant that we let our flat to; we saved some more; we got the flat on the market, and finally, yesterday, we managed to get close enough to the end of the sale process that we felt confident enough to clear the last of our stuff out of it. So that’s what our anniversary has involved!

Yesterday night we took Mark’s dad’s rather cranky van round to the flat, broke up all the furniture that the awful awful tenant had decided to leave behind, and picked up the bits that we’d left to try and stage the flat so it didn’t look like such a dump. And ate a pizza. Mark swore a LOT on the way home because the van gear box is temperamental to say the least- We got stuck in first gear for quite a long time.

Today, we did very romantic things like go to the dump, mow the lawn, and tidy the garage, although we did also find time to do some sitting in the sunshine (Mark bought me a deckchair as an anniversary present- cotton seat, you see, so it fits into the second anniversary/cotton theme- very very pleased with it- I’ve sat on it quite a lot!). I got him some rather less thoughtful presents of cotton trousers and a tshirt, in case you’re wondering. And we found a disposable barbeque in the garage, so cooked an epic dinnery feast of lamb kebabs, king prawns in chilli sauce, halloumi and salad- The pic below highlights my rather spangly new pedicure (I had a very nice time with my sister yesterday sitting in a massaging chair thingy, while we got our feet scraped and toenails painted-bliss!). And I got some gorgeous tulips from my mum (I had orange tulips in my wedding bouquet, and they’re one of my favourite flowers), and the mother in law potted up a little herb garden for the patio, which is lovely, and as well as providing loads of nice things to add to our dinners, has made the patio look a little bit less barren!

P1050229 P1050227 P1050231

And now it’s only 8 o clock, so time to see out the day with a film (Zoolander’s arrived on lovefilms, so that’ll do), the rest of a nice bottle of white, and then maybe some form of cheese-based late evening snack- Bliss!

Here’s to the next two years- Thanks, husband, for putting up with me- I love you more than anything in the world!


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