Damn you to hell, weather

*shakes fist at sky*.

Stupidly, stupidly, I thought a couple of weeks ago that the weather was surely getting warmer and I’d be safe to try my hand at my first bit of vegetable gardening. It was all going so well- some exciting little shoots, and then LOADS of shoots in my little plastic pot, which was living all snug and cozy on the dining room table. Then, we had some friends over for dinner so I decided to hide my pot of mud and shoots in the back garden, and what happened? Torrential rain happened. And now my poor old lettuce shoots are looking, well, pretty dead to be honest with you! And the tomatoes, after some sterling progress early doors seem to have stopped doing anything, so I’m convinced they’re on the way out now too. Not that it matters, because the good old British spring that we’re having in London (icy wind, hail stones, and the odd bit of snow- and I count my blessings, because the country has got that tenfold!), even if my toms had grown more than an inch and my lettuces weren’t kaput, I wouldn’t actually be able to plant them outside anyway. Oh well, try again next year I guess!

Sad face :(

Sad face :( (dead lettuces on the left, tiny stunted toms on the right)


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