Food glorious whoops blew the budget

Last shop of the month completed, I am miffed to say that we blew the budget and came in spending a grand total of £145.66, rather than the planned £110.

On the other hand though, that did include a night of cooking for friends, a lot more ‘proper cooking’ than usual, precisely zero take aways and only two non-packed lunches so I’m not going to be too hard on myself- That actually works out at 81p per meal, which put that way looks nothing short of a miracle!!

I’ve decided to have another go next month, with the budget being £145 again- I know what you’re thinking- ‘well, thats not much of a challange now, is it?!’ and you’d be right, but I think the last month has taught me the benefit of setting a sensible limit. While me and the mister have never really gone mental at the supermarket and started chucking duck breasts and caviar in the trolley, giving ourselves a sensible budget has made us think a bit more about what we buy, rather than relying on convenience food, like microwave rice and we’ve made a welcome return to what I term ‘proper cooking’- Yes it’s not that expensive to buy a frozen pizza and have that with a bag of salad, but it’s much nicer, and not particularly time consuming to make something from scratch.

I’m quite glad to be getting my cooking mojo back- It disappeared pretty much when we moved house- I’d spent the 6 months previous to the move on the go constantly and in my mind moving just gave me an excuse to draw a line under all the hard work and be ridiculously lazy for the next five! So there you go, that’s what I’m taking away from my budgetting exercise- nothing to do with money, but a return to my former, slightly less lazy self!

Sweet potato and chickpea curry for dins tonight, followed by a few hours of housework. I shall be a semi-domestic godess once more!


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