Happy Sunday

And yes, as the title says, happy sunday everyone! I’ve actually had a really nice, busy weekend- The last few I’ve spent hanging out with my mum and my sister, and having a very nice, chilled out time (and drinking prosecco- lovely!) , but this weekend was a bit different-

On Friday, I went straight from work to Bristol, for a conference. That’s my day job, by the way- I organise conferences, for the association of plastic surgeons, so this weekend was a study day for medical students, all of whom were very nice. So consequently, on Friday I went to Bristol, and met up with the lovely Matt, Katie and Chris for some pub dinner action. I am consequently extremely jealous of Bristol- there were lovely houses (we went back to Matt’s after the pub for a drink and met his house mates who were having a huge dinner party/Israeli feast- which reminded me of the schmoozy side of uni, where you attempt to out-brilliant everyone else (listened to two trainee surgeons talking about who had the worst necrotising faciitis patient (its basically a bacteria that eats your flesh- lovely) but the pub was fab and made me jealous of the fact that I don’t have anything like that nearby- Any pub that gives you a choice of gin, is a-ok in my eyes, and my gin of choice (hendricks, served with thinly sliced cucumber) was absolutely delicious, not to mention a rather nice dinner. Anyhow, after saturday in Brizzle, spent with a massive box of pigs trotters (to allow the students to practice tendon repair techniques), I battled home via several delays on the overground courtesy of ‘Cardiff being very busy because of the rugby’ and the circle line being rubbish because, well, the circle line is always rubbish, I finally got back to the other half’s rugby club just at the end of the England-Wales game, for a couple of pints, and then on to a local pub for more pints of cider and a rather good acoustic band that I danced enthusiastically to.

box of trotters- All in a day's work

box of trotters- All in a day’s work

We were having our buddies Janine and Ash over for dinner on sunday, and being vaugely unimaginative, I found a whole page of lovely food in Good Food magazine and strove to create it all. Because the dessert needed chilling overnight, I had to buy the ingredients in sainsburys, handily next to the pub, and then cooked the whole thing, while, quite frankly, drunk as a lord, then let it cool down before putting it in the fridge to chill overnight. This basically led to me falling asleep on the sofa, and waking up at 5am, rescuing the now cold pie from the oven which I’d somehow managed to turn off at the right time, and putting it in the fridge and going to bed. I woke up the next morning to find that I’d used basically every bowl and pan in the house, and had left a trail of random ingredients in my wake (half a packet of biscuits, half a lemon etc etc)


not a bad effort for something I baked while steaming drunk!- St clements pie- mmmmm

So drunk dessert cooked, and sleep had, we popped to the supermarket, realised that lamb was quite expensive, changed our menu plans to a rather cheaper free range chicken and served with broccoli, roasted new potatoes, peas and carrots that I boiled with some butter, a massive squeeze of honey and some fresh thyme- Delicious! I must admit, we have vaguely blown the shopping budget as per our £110 limit, but I think if we add everything else up and get a few more dinners out of our free range beast, we should be ok- Stay tuned for more!

Anyhow, three bottles of wine later, here I am (it was only us girls that were drinking, so a bottle and a half of wine on a sunday night was probably slightly excessive, but very much enjoyed!) having had variously, a nice catch up with new friends (in Bristol), a bit of an ego boost (at Mark’s rugby club, where everyone is really lovely to me) and a massive catch up with friends, which we’ve been planning on doing for aaages. My only down side is that I spent most of saturday travelling and working, when I could have been hanging out with my mum, sister, niece and nephew, but you can’t have it all, eh!


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