Food glorious food- week 2

The March food challange is, I’m pleased to say, succeeding. So much so, that since the first shop of the month, on 2nd March, I’ve spent precisely £9.50 on food, bringing our total for the month to £53.46

This admittedly has been helped in no small part by having a whole day of eating at our respective mums’ houses on Sunday, for Mother’s Day (don’t worry- you’ll be pleased to know my mum lifted precisely no fingers and I did the cooking of lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (burp)) and a massive parcel of quiche, cheese, salad and scotch eggs that Mark bought home from his mum’s that’s been keeping us going on lunches so far this week!

Will have to do a bit of a top up tomorrow, as although we still have half a roast chicken, several portions of chilli, another pack of chicken legs and a ridiculous amount of pasta and rice, the cupboards are looking bereft of fruit and veg- Off to my sister’s for dinner tonight though, so that’s another meal we don’t have to buy… I’m sensing that if we do complete this challange, it’ll only be because we’ve not actually been at home to eat much this month- Might have to try something similar in April just to prove a point!


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