We have plant-based lift off!

Yeaaaah! I am pleased to report that no less than three days after my ‘chuck some seeds in a pot of mud to see if anything happens‘ experiment, it appears that things are happening! My box of mud has sat on the floor in the dining room, by the window since Tuesday, and I took the lid off today for a wee look-see. Considering I’ve done literally nothing to help it along, not even watering it, I was rather chuffed to see a little shoot had poked it’s way up


I couldn’t even get close enough in with the camera to show it in all it’s shooty glory, but there it is- It may be pepper, it may be tomato- I’ve no idea yet, but how exciting! Just have to work out what to do next- The instructions say to leave the lid off a crack when the shoots start appearing, but I think I might give it one more day to see if anything else comes up. Have given it a little water, and now to wait- It’s meant to take 14 weeks before you can actually eat anything, so there is still SO much opportunity for me to balls this up!


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