How does your garden grow

Poorly, would be the answer to that question!  When we first viewed our house it was in the middle of summer, the garden looked glorious and the old owner had obviously spent a lot of time making it look just so. As we left after the second viewing, Mark and I both looked at each other and declared that that poor man’s garden would not know what had hit it when we moved in! As we moved in November, thankfully we’ve not really had to do anything but as the weather’s got a tiny bit warmer, and the grass got ever-longer, it was time to take action!

Seizing the opportunity of a couple of days off work, we bit the bullet, took a trip to the dump with what seemed like several thousand creepy lawn ornaments (like the dog that looked like it had cataracts, and the humping squirrels) and went to Homebase to buy a lawnmower. After several confused minutes, Mark showed me how to turn the flipping thing on, and off I went. About 5 minutes and 50 yards later, Mark said I was making it look far too much like hard work, so he zoomed off and I took to phase two of my non-green-fingered day- Vegetables!

look at me go!

Last year, towards the end of the summer, I spied in Tescos a little tray, with a bag of compost and some packets of seeds for a bargaintastic 50p. As it was too late in the year to plant anything, everything sat in a cupboard, surviving two house moves, before finally being put to use today

50p!! A bargain!

Now, I should explain, I come from a long line of non-green-fingered people, and thus have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I followed the instructions on the kit, which basically involved opening up the bag of compost, putting most of that in the green tray, opening the seed packets, and sprinkling them into a third each of the tray, toping with the rest of the compost, a bit of a water and bunging the lid back on. It’s not looking the most inspiring at the moment, being basically just a box of mud, but I shall see how I go- If anything happens, I’m going to be amazed quite frankly, because if growing veg was that easy, everyone would be doing it, wouldn’t they! Oh, also, I got little labels in the box, so I put one where I thought I’d put the seeds but I may have spun the box round at some point so possibly might get lettuce where I think I should have tomatoes. Exiting times!!



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