Supermarket Challenge- the first shop

If you saw my last post, you’ll know that the Gem&Mark household is undertaking what I am excitingly calling ‘the supermarket challenge’. In a nutshell, for the month of March, we pledge to spend no more than £110 on food, toiletries and cleaning bobbins.

There’s two of us (Me and Mark, obviously!), no kids, no pets, eating three meals a day plus snacks, apart from on the days that we go to our respective families’ homes and eat their food instead!

So, the first shop- Here it is, for a grand total of £48.82 (and including some bread and toiletry bits that aren’t in the picture!)


Granted this will last more than a week, (there’s a huge pack of mince, a whole chicken and two packs of drumsticks in there for pity’s sakes!!) but for this week, meal plans will be…
Cereal and milk for breakfast, plus juice

Lunches- Ham or cheese and salad sandwiches, and leek and potato soup (there’s leeks potatoes, ham and cheese in the fridge left over from last week!)

Snacks for a week- Mostly in the form of yoghurt . Lucky Mark gets free fruit at work, so he’ll be taking advantage of that! and we do have a sweetie drawer at home, of stuff left over from Christmas, should the urge strike

Dinners for a week, plus a fair lot of leftovers:
-2 days worth of shepherds pie (with the rest of the mincey mix made into three days worth of chilli, with a tin of kidney beans for the freezer- I put a LOT of veg in my mincey dishes, so it’s easy to stretch them out over a few days)
Tandoori chicken drumsticks with rice
-Moroccan chicken stew (with the rest of the pack of drumsticks- the other pack’s going in the freezer- they were only £2 a pack- bargain!)
Spiced carrot and chickpea pilaf– It sounds nice- It’s tonight’s dinner, so we hope it is!
(we’ll likely be at various parents’ houses for the other two days- hoorah- free food!)


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