Supermarket Challange- A month of shopping for under £110

At the present time, we are steering the Good Ship Gem&Mark through what can only be described as a patch of fiscal turbulence (Thanks Only Fools and Horses for the quote!). We bought a house in November, but have only just managed to sell our flat, which has resulted in a few months of double mortgage bills, plus now, the joys of estate agent fees and solicitor bills on the horizon. Consequently, belts are being very much tightened, and so I decided to set myself a food bill challange.

I totted up what we spent last month on food, toiletires, cleaning stuff, takeaways and eating out, which came to a not too extravagant £145. That included a couple of takeaways and a fair few convenience foods (pizzas for the oven and suchlike), so we’ve set this month’s food etc budget at £110 all in, which (fingers crossed) I think should cover us as long as we don’t go too crazy.

A couple of caveats for my budget
-As we bake wedding cakes from home, as a little sideline, we have a very nicely stocked baking cupboard- If I need to buy eggs and butter for cakes, and the left-overs find their way into the ‘general’ cupboard, I’m not going to complain!
-The budget will include food, toiletries, loo roll and cleaning stuff
-I’m not starting from nothing- We have a very well-stocked condiments and spice cupboard, some frozen veg in the freezer, along with some other bits and bobs, and other cupboardy stuff- tinned beans and tomatoes, dried noodles
-I don’t intend to survive on 99p microwave meals for a month- The gist of my plan is to cook from scratch, and make sure to get a reasonable amount of fruit and veg in a day, but at the same time, I’m not about to start knitting my own yoghurt or making bread, unless things get REALLY desparate!

Anyway- join me on the quest, if you want- Tot up what you spent last month, set yourself a budget for this month and report back on how you get on!

I’ll be back after I’ve gone to the shops!


2 thoughts on “Supermarket Challange- A month of shopping for under £110

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