Frocks and the Wam Bam Club

Next month, me and the Mr, and a lot of our friends, are off to the Wam Bam Club. For the uninitiated, its a burlesque supper club in London. Rather excited as Mark and I have been saying for AGES that we’d like to go see more burlesque- Our last experience was about three years ago, in the not-very-intimate Koko club in Camden, where we ended up on a balcony miles away from the stage. Still, it was awesome, so I’m very glad to be going for some more.

Bonnie’s Delight wiggle dress

Half the fun of going to these nights is getting do glam up to the extreme, so I’ve been on the hunt for a slinky dress that I can wear with a fur stole, retro hair and extremely high heels. Now, owing to my somewhat bottom heavy proportions, emphasis on the ‘bottom’, I struggle to wear slinky dresses as when they’re large enough to fit on the hips, they don’t fit anywhere else. I tried this one on the left (available from but unfortunately for me, it did absolutely bugger all for my figure- The fabric was a bit too flimsy and there was an integrated sash which I thought was going to solve my hips too big/waist too small problem, but actually just meant the whole thing pulled down at the back when the sash was tied up tight enough to make the waist fit. Not good. So that’s been sent back.

I’ve recently been reading a lot of vintage blogs and all of them, without exception have said that one of the bloggers’ reasons for wearing vintage was because they can’t find modern cut clothes to fit them.

Now, the thought that I might be able to find something that fits me seemed like as good an excuse as any to go vintage shopping (and not least because I have always  secretly  harboured a wish to be one of those girls who wear vintage clothes on a day-to-day basis- haven’t quite got there yet though!). Not having time to go trawling around the vintage/charity shops, I decided to hit Ebay.

Currently looking at these listings* (there’s a few repro’s in there, and one that is actually listed as ‘vintage’- I have absolutely no clue whether it’s genuine or not, but I like it, so would be happy regardless of whether its an actual bit of history or a dodgy knock off!):

Mad men style wiggle dress
Silky glam with a very low neckline (probably too low for me!)
Green lurex cocktail dress …not sure if it’s actually that colour, cos that looks more like mustard to me, which is a colour that I don’t wear very well!…and it may be a little bit snug on the hips actually!

So, out of three dresses, thats one that is too low cut, one that’s too slim on the hips and a third that doesn’t actually have any measurements so probably won’t fit either. Bum.  I still have a whole month to find my amazing dress of wonder (or miraculously half the size of my backside), so for now, the search continues!

(*I would have just posted pictures, but one of the listings had this massive disclaimer on it saying ‘don’t use my photos without my permission so there’ and as it seemed a little bit like overkill to ask for permission to put this on my humble blog that only about 8 people read, I’ve just done links, even though they’re probably going to disappear in a couple of weeks!)


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