Infinity and beyond! In cake form

toy story cakeI haven’t made a big cake in quite a while. Last year was so mad for cake, that it sort of got in the way of life in general, so for 2013, Mark and I made a conscious decision to take on fewer orders and get a bit of spare time for ourselves. i just couldn’t, however, turn down the opportunity to make my nephew Fin a birthday cake. The theme, the works of Toy Story, Fin’s favourite- the three films are played on a loop wherever he goes, and he has a hefty amount of merchandise that he plays with endlessly. The favourite, Mr Potatoooo Head, who didn’t feature in the cake actually, but maybe next year, eh! I hit on the idea of making three tiers, with each themed around something different. Granted, a three tier cake for a two year old might seem a tiny bit ostentatious, but once I got the idea in my head, I just had to go for it.

Friday, we bought all the ingredients, and mixed up the vanilla top and bottom tiers while a pizza was cooking for dinner. Pizza eaten, I got the middle, chocolate tier sorted, and hung out watching Friday night tv.
On Saturday a bit of an early start, I went to our local cake supply shop and got the sugarpaste, while Mark levelled, filled and crumb coated the cakes, then I dealt with covering the cakes,while Mark made the decorations. A bit of assembly later, and some colouring in with a decorators icing pen, we were done. It was so nice to be caking again,after a break of about 4 months, and it all came together so well, that I think we both realised that we’d really kind of missed it, so who knows, maybe I’ll accept a few commissions soon, rather than turning everything down!


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