Mary Berry- a small obsession

I bloody love Mary Berry- ever since the Great British Bakeoff I have marvelled at her bakey knowledge (before I am shot down in flames, Yes, I appreciate that she was around a long time before that, but the last Mary Berry tv show pre-bakeoff was in about 1996, and at 14, I can’t say I watched cookery programmes that often!)

Anyhow, there was a programme about her a couple of weeks ago that me and the Mr watched, which allowed me to marvel at her some more- In fact, the programme may have even converted Mark into a fan- He has since variously made noises about us starting our own cookery school, and commented that he would like me to turn into Mary Berry when I grow up.

Partly because of her recent fame in the Bakeoff, I always assumed she was the doyenne of baking and that was it, but no no, she’s multi-talented, is our Mary- in fact, there were a few recipes that she made in the programme, one of which was a lasagne.

Now, I do love a lasagne but find it a bit of a faff to make. I must confess at this juncture that for a while, one of our hideous hangover foods was a massive ready-made Aldi lasagne, but since I found out that Aldi lasagnes are likely to have been made from my little ponies, we decided to go to the trouble of making our own.

Here’s the recipe we used–  One or two small tweaks were needed, in that we hadn’t bought pre-cooked pasta sheets (I’m guessing the recipe means fresh pasta??), so while Mark made white sauce, I par-boiled lasagne sheets in a massive frying pan (reasoning that if I’d just chucked them all in a saucepan, they would have stuck together), before plucking them out with tongs and rinsing with cold water (again, to reduce my paranoia that the sheets would stick together!). It was a total faff, but it seemed to work and meant we got the final bit of cooking in the oven down to 20 minutes, rather than the hour it says in the recipe! And because I’d taken all the cheddar in the house to work with me, to make sandwiches with, we only had parmesan cheese to grate over the top, which didn’t really go quite as golden brown as in the pictures!

Still, I’m pleased to say it was yummy, if slightly long-winded, and even though we only made half the amount it said in the recipe, we still had enough for two days of dinner (padded out with garlic bread and a salad). Thanks Mary!

Image care of BBC Good Food magazine website website (and another recipe for lasagne!)


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