Baby cupcakes

P1050183Me and the Mr were off to see some friends and their new baby today. We needed a gift, and Mark had been told that bibs and socks and other ‘essential’ bits were always a good bet, so we decided to go down that route. A pile of socks and bibs looks a bit boring though, doesn’t it, so, having some cupcake cases and boxes knocking around, we decided to turn them into fake cakes. I saw a picture of something similar here a few days ago and thought it looked very cute- a good way to turn ‘not much’ into something that looks reasonably substantial!

Here’s the theory:

1- You’ll need three little newborn baby socks- I tried it with two, but the ‘cakes’ didn’t get big enough, so buy three pairs, and you’ll have enough for two cakes.

2-Take one sock, turn it inside out, then fold the top back on itself

3- Fold the second sock in half lengthways. Roll up from toe to ankle to form the middle of the cake

4- Do the same with the third sock- fold in half lengthways then roll around the first one

5- Tuck the rolled socks inside the first one. Put it in a little cupcake case- I used laser cut cake wrappers, which are a little bit more rigid than just a paper case, so holds the shape better

P1050173 P1050174 P1050175

P1050176 P1050178

P1050180 Bibs are a little bit easier- Fold in half along the length, then in half again (lengthways, again!). Roll this up- I did mine so I started with the velcro fastener and worked outwards, with the binding pointing upwards- Seemed to make a better swirly shape that way. Plomp in another cake case, then put everything in a little cake box


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