Fitness blender- An attempt to not be lazy

A confession- I am an inherently lazy soul. Save for an hour a week of  horse riding and the occasional burst of enthusiasm for running, which usually peters out after a couple of weeks, I really do very little exercise at all.

Now, because I’m quite a fan of cheese, cake and booze, I fully accept that I need to move about a bit more or risk getting chubby! I was watching this Horizon programme on the beeb a while back, which piqued my interest- Basically it said that so-called high intensity training could be just as beneficial as slogging your guts out for hours on end. Granted, I’ve not exactly been slogging my guts out, thus far, but the lure of a few minutes of graft followed by a nice evening of watching cartoons appealed to me!

The theory: You do 20 seconds of super duper intense exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest and repeat. I had a look on youtube for some videos a few days ago, and found this – ‘Why not’, I thought, ‘It’s only 5 minutes long- In fact it’s not even worth putting on gym gear’. So there I was in the spare bedroom, stripped down to my pants (what a vision!), and merrily threw myself into 2 rounds of burpees and 2 rounds of squats, and then very nearly fell down the stairs afterwards, because I was that exhausted- I know it doesn’t sound like much, but well, just give it a go- Believe me, you’ll feel the burn!

Exhaustion aside, I’m already gone back for more and think I’m a bit of a convert to the way of Fitness Blender- which is where my original vid came from- The positives:
-They’ve got a load of content on youtube as well as a website
-For lots of the routines you don’t need any equipment or much space
-It doesn’t have to cost a bean
-You can build your own workouts- got five minutes, do a little one, got a bit longer, you can either pick a longer routine or do a couple of different little vids
-There’s plenty of variety

The negatives:
-Weell, I’m inherently lazy, remember, so there’s always the possibility that I won’t bother doing it! For now thought, I’m persevering!


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