My first post

Gem and MarkIt’s a new dawn, a new day and a new shiny blog, so I thought it was well worth beginning at the beginning and saying a little bit about me.

Well, hello, I’m Gem. I have had over the years, quite a few blogs- the first one, which was really a diary on the ill fated myspace (does anyone go there any more?!), another one which I started in about 2008, forgot about, refound a little while ago, promptly forgot the password to and can’t post anything else on, and a recipe testing one that I got bored of pretty quickly. So not a particularly good track record thus far, I’m sure you’ll agree.

I live with my husband- See, there we are up there… welll, the back of us anyway- we got married in 2011, following an extremely long period of…what do we call it now… courtship? dating? something like that anyway, there were 11 years of it before we tied the knot- we got together when I was 18, stayed together through uni, bought a little flat, and then finally, last year, changed it for a rather larger house which we’ve now run out of money to do up, having not quite managed to sell the aforementioned flat, so I’m partially going to be blogging about that- house decoration, the perils of DIY and gardening- I’ve never had a garden before- haven’t got a clue what I’m meant to be doing, so you can join my on my quest to try not to kill what the previous owner left behind

By day, I work in an office- I’m pretty good at my job, but it’s really quite boring and needs no more saying about it than that

By night, well, some nights, I bake stuff- Mr Gem and I bake wedding cakes, birthday cakes, sell cupcakes at the occasional fete, that kind of thing- Nothing more than a hobby really, for which we occasionally get paid, although we both harbour a dream to have a funky cafe some day- Bit of a jump from office work though! So, you can expect posts of stuff I’ve baked to feature too!

Other than work and baking things, my social life is one that basically involves drinking too much gin and falling over stuff, followed by horrifying hangovers (well, I am over 30 now), horse riding (or more accurately, attempting not to fall off of an increasingly mental selection of ponies)

So there you have it- That’s the bare bones of my life!


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